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Chantal Frei

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Robyn Brynner



Chantal Frei (pseudonym) who grew up in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, was only six years old when Satanists decided to make her into a Mother of Darkness. At that time, she had already survived massive torture – which was the reason why the cult considered her to be strong, smart, and intelligent enough to be trained by the Illuminati.
Today, Chantal Frei is able to speak out about her experiences as a survivor of satanic ritual abuse, spiritual abuse, and mind control in order to help others by providing insight and knowledge. The information provided in this book is by far not complete as the author can only share what she herself has experienced and understood. She states: "More and more I realize, that with my book, I can only scratch the surface of this topic." Nonetheless, her personal account is unique and important. Chantal Frei is the first survivor with a German-speaking background who has been this deep in the inner circle of the Illuminati and has mustered enough courage to speak out about it. During cruel rituals, she met with heads of state, nobles, and celebrities. Therefore, she was taken to well-known places – such as the White House and a famous Spanish basilica – but also got into secret military facilities and a remote castle in Belgium. These places and people, some of which are also mentioned by other survivors, illustrate the terrifying extent of an abysmally dark phenomenon known as ritual abuse.
Chantal Frei wants to help bring light into this darkness.

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